Hey Lovelies, Lurell here. For those of you who don't know me, I’m the designer and owner of Lurelly! I thought you might like a little tour of what we do an how we do it. Step into my world for a day and see what exactly it takes to create these pieces just for you. 

Every day looks a bit different than the other, from photoshoots, personal fittings, ensuring all of our customers are happy, and my favorite part of course- designing! On this particular day, I had just gotten back from a location photoshoot and needed to get a lot done.

I started my morning off with journaling from my bed around 7AM. I try to do this every morning to find gratitude and time for myself- such an important thing, especially during these times. After hopping out of the shower and getting dressed for the day, I made a cup of coffee ( some days two cups) and made a green smoothie and began my work day!

Here I'm headed to the fabric store to pick up some fabric for some projects i've been working on! (coming soon). We buy most of our fabrics on demand so we do not over purchase fabric that we don’t end up using and have to throw out. We also do our best to use leftover, unused fabric from other brands. Not only does this mean that pieces bought at Lurelly are limited edition, but it also means that you are choosing your environment when you choose Lurelly. We do all of this to minimize our carbon footprint. Fashion is one of the harshest industries on our planet, so I do everything in my power to be as sustainable as possible- including creating timeless pieces that I know won’t get thrown out after a season or two. 

I find it so hard to leave this store every time - but I mean can you blame me?? Look at all of those amazing fabrics! My assistant practically had to drag me out before I started buying too many random fabrics for samples I was imagining on the spot. The fabric store is truly one of the most inspiring places for me, so it’s hard to not think of something special for you all. 

After picking up the necessary (and  a few that i couldn't resist) fabric, I headed over to two of our manufacturers, Terry and Luz, to pick up and drop off new stuff. Luz makes all of our amazing silk masks. She whips out about 20 a day, on top of all of her other work. Terry helps bring all of my amazing creations to life. I just came up with a few new designs for Fall and had to explain them to her and show her my sketches- which I hope you will all love!