The Perfect Post-Quarantine Outfit

Aug 22, 2020

The Perfect Post-Quarantine Outfit

We don’t know about you, but if there’s one thing we’re looking forward to the most post-quarantine, it’s getting dressed up in something beautiful, doing some glam, and going out to show it all off. After quite a few months in sweatpants and only having our weekly grocery shopping to look forward to, we all deserve to have our transformation moment once this is all over!

At a time of so much uncertainty, there’s no better way to uplift your spirits than to start getting excited about what’s to come. Start planning your future again, start experimenting with your style, or start thinking about what you’ll be wearing on your future date nights. No date? Get dressed up for yourself and feel as special as you should every day. It’s all just right around the corner, and with a little inspiration and a touch of optimism, you’ll be ready for post-quarantine in no time.

If there’s one perfect outfit to symbolize how it feels to go out after months of being pent up in quarantine, it’s our Portofino Jeweled blouse and skirt set. It shimmers when you walk, hugs your figure in all the right places, and will have you oozing with goddess energy everywhere you go! Of course, accessorize as you wish, but with how much these pieces shine and glisten in the light, there’s not even a need for jewelry.


This outfit is stunning to look at, but it’s also more versatile than you might think. Since it’s a set, you have the option to wear it together for a glam look, or separately if you want to tone it down into something more casual. Depending on where you’re off to, the options are truly endless with this set.

For a night out with the girls, pair the Portofino blouse with a pair of simple pants or even another skirt. The blouse has a cowl neckline, full open back, and a tie for closure, which gives any outfit its paired with just a touch of elegance.


Going to brunch? Dress it down by wearing the Portofino skirt with a sweater! And of course, for the most put together, extra, and fabulous option, wear both pieces together to any event. At Lurelly, we value versatile pieces. What’s better than being able to wear the most beautiful outfit once? Being able to wear it over and over again, in different ways!


The best part is, by wearing this piece, you aren’t sacrificing ethics for style. It’s made from a recycled, beaded English netting, and it’s ethically sourced here in Los Angeles! Luxury and sustainability are at the forefront of Lurelly, and we think there’s nothing more beautiful than being able to deliver both in our pieces.


Did we mention it’s on sale? Only for a limited time, as we don’t have many Portofino sets left, you’ll save $350 on this set. Yes, you read that right! So, if you’re dreaming about wearing this to your next event or out to date night, don’t walk girl, run!




Film by @juliianamarie