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Manufacturing new garments is not sustainable and we recognize that. We understand the environmental impact that the luxury clothing market has on the earth. We are constantly making an effort to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible in order to balance out any negative environmental impact.
Since our first piece produced in 2012, to now, the majority of our products have been made from dead stock, closed out, and left-over designer fabrics. We do not contribute to manufacturing any new fabrics. All of the fabrics we use are locally sourced in Los Angeles, California. 99% of our products are made-to-order.
We source rolls of fabric in small batches that we repurpose our dresses from. Most of our garments are made in limited quantity because we can never guarantee finding the same fabric again.
Lurelly Sustainability
What is Deadstock Fabric?
Deadstock refers to fabric that is sitting around, either as leftovers that a brand didn't use and is not part of a plan for future use, or that textile mills have been unable to sell.
Using dead-stock fabrics, not only reduces textile waste, but it also saves energy by reducing the carbon footprint that would have been expended in the productions of new materials. Remanufactured clothing can save around 13,000lbs of CO2 emissions a year.
Using deadstock is also a great way to offer an exclusive range of limited edition products + the creative challenge that comes along with having to breath new life into previously designed fabrics.
When an order gets placed if we don’t have specialized fabric in stock we send one of our team members to source the fabric needed for the specific item ordered. We then take the fabric to our local sewers.
We use a few independent contractors to sew specific items, these women have small businesses of their own and are contracted to created your garment for you. Once they have completed the product given, it is then pickup up, inspected and carefully prepared to be sent out to you. By locally sourcing our fabrics, we are reducing our carbon footprint by avoiding having to fly out fabrics internationally.
We understand that some fabrics that we use are polyester and some dresses are made of non-organic materials. However, we do not cut down trees for fabrics, manufacture polyester fabrics, or contribute to the production of polyester fabrics. Our goal here is to use what is already produced & has been sitting unused for a while.
Additionally, most the fabric we do source maintained its usefulness throughout the entirety of the time it’s been dead stocked.
We pride ourselves in creating a timeless luxury brand that creates high-quality, timeless pieces made from fabrics that would have gone to waste and could have eventually ended up in a landfill. Our products’ quality makes them stand the test of time, so they can be worn and/or passed down for years. Because we use locally sourced dead stock fabrics, once a product is sold out, it is sold out for good unless we are lucky enough to find another dead stock roll of the same fabric.
Our goal at Lurelly is to maintain an ethical company always. We use a Los Angeles based small business letter press company that produces all of the tags for our garments and we continuously look and search for other small businesses to incorporate in our operation processes including our zippers sourced and Labels for our Garments, all made in Los Angeles.