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Lurelly named after our designer Lurell, is a word that conjures visions of lavish sophistication and Luxury.  Designed through Lurelly are beautiful garments with intention to liberate our modern women and ignite even more, her beauty and femininity.

Lurelly, with a definite article, is the brainchild of Lurell. The Los Angeles based designer launched the project in 2012 out of a shared love for glamour, sparkle and a need to create and share. Willing to share her vision, with you for your wonder and celebration.


Lurell born & raised in Jamaica, Become a mother at a young age, Her daughter Jada-marie quickly became a huge inspiration for her brand and dreams for Lurelly.

Lurelly is a Royal mindset based on the combination of two very different personalities: one Regal, bold and ebullient, the other Ethereal, Soft and considered. Contrasts are electrifying and Lurelly strives on that, Lurell’s knack for opulence meets her sense of sensual queen like softness. Lurelly’s unique aesthetic stems from this juxtaposition.


Lurelly is a collection of collectibles: Beautiful items to fall in love with; feats of embellishment, opulence and seduction meant to be collected in time. There is a hint nostalgia to it all: a longing for sparkling times when glamour ruled and sequins, Jewels and plunging necklines were a must. Lurell call it modern elegance. The collection is thought for women who are strong, spirited and individual. Women who play with seduction and sophistication, who are all about living large, and enjoying it in whichever way possible.


Fashion is just the beginning, as Lurelly is a point of view on life, not just style. More will follow. Everything looks Incredible from here. We welcome you to enjoy what we’ve created for you.


With Love,


We take Pride in Manufacturing our Products in Los Angeles, California, supporting domestic manufacturing as well as women in business.